Reflections, recolections, regrets, I have had a few.


The love of my life has gone to work, she was late getting there today, she gets a lift from a Syrian Engineer, she is a lovely lady, but, with having a family, she is mostly late in arriving at Celeste’s, though she doesn’t take any petrol money for the lift, helps Celeste save for Cyprus. I mentioned yesterday that it was Celeste’s birthday, the Syrian Engineer took her out for a birthday lunch and gave her a watch as a gift, she is so kind. Now onto the rest of my ramblings this morning, I was thinking about the second passion in my life, Celeste being the first, photography, I wish I had taken it up earlier in my life. I was thinking about way back in my life, to high school in fact, I used to love art classes and put a lot into any project we were given, but in the end the teacher used to give me the equivelent of a pat on the head, which meant I had tried hard, but was way below standard, the only praise I ever got was for a montage I put together, though I think it was more for the humour within it than the quality of the work lol. I have now found that photography is more my line, a lot of hard work and learning to go yet, but I am happy with my progress, wish I had taken it up earlier and spent my money on photography and travel, instead of the pub. That is all behind me now though and I will be spending the extra from my small income to try and catch up on what I missed. The photo below symbolises where my money used to go.Image


3 thoughts on “Reflections, recolections, regrets, I have had a few.

  1. I admire your love for photography. Yes, we should all do what we love even if we can’t do it the best, but it gives us happiness – the ultimate wealth.

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