Realisation, can I do this?


Up to now I have been solely thinking about learning the art of photography, but wait, the image produced has a story and that story has a name. I have realised that, as I seem to prefer landscape and nature photography, I need to learn some geography and natural history. Up to now I have been showing photos of mountains, not knowing the name of the mountain, or a flower, not knowing anything about it, I also have to learn the life cycle of plants, I could be missing beautiful shots as I don’t know when they are about. Phew, more challenges, but I relish them, it will be a project for when I can’t get out to take photos, bad weather or lack of cash, bring it on, thank goodness for google!Image


5 thoughts on “Realisation, can I do this?

  1. You can do thrue the work, learning and taking photos. The only really anoying thing are people who judge every single move and they didn’t even dare to try something. Sorry for my english, maybe I can’t explain good.

    1. I understand what you are saying, getting critique from your peers is welcome, but not from people that just look and don’t participate. Thank you for your support, I love your work.

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