Weekend, what does that mean?

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I ask this question as, for the last five years, I am unable to work, so everyday is the same, just what I make it. That might sound like I am complaining, but I am not, I have accepted my lack of ability to get about, I have got used to existing on a very low income and I do everything I am capable off to make life as exciting as it can be. I am a person of routine, I have my set time for going to, and rising from, my bed, lots of people give up and just language in bed most of the day, not me, I always think there might be something exciting just round the corner, I don’t get my hopes too high though, it gives me further to fall if I do.

The main theme of my life now, and forever, is my sweet Celeste, we have already been knocked for six by the UK Border Agency refusing her a visa to come to Scotland in April for the marraige which was booked and paid for, her airline ticket was also paid for, money down the drain. The Border Agency said she didn’t have enough money, but Celeste will be a great asset to the UK, she is a qualified maths teacher, she has so much to pass on to the young people of this country, though she would take any job that came along, just to get by. We have made new plans now, in September we are going to Cyprus to get married, the marraige is recognised in any country, so that is the next step in our journey. This, as you can imagine, is making even more demands on our finances, we are both living on the bare minimum of food, etc.

The second thing in my life is my photography, I am really enjoying learning this craft, I want to be really proficient before I get to Cyprus, My blog will be full of photos and travel tales then lol.

I am wracking my brains, what little brain there is, to think of things to sell to boost the holiday fund, my camera would be worth something. That reminds me of the old joke about the guy who bought the new video recorder, his mate asked him where he got the money for the purchase, he replied that he had sold the television to get the funds lol

I better break off now, I have my routine on a Saturday morning, I visit my friend then my uncle, so I better get ready, thanks for reading, if you made it this far lolImage


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