In the dark


It is 5.20am and, of course, it is still dark, I can’t judge what kind of day it is going to be weather wise, can’t believe the forecasts for this area. 

For other reasons I found out this morning about people being kept in the dark, I can’t tell you anything else about that, but it is upsetting. I wish people would be left to make their own choices, for their own reasons, not for outside pressure.

Enough of that, Celeste is on her way to work, the clocks changing in the UK has made it complicated for me to get used to the time difference between here and Dubai, it must be old age lol. I made it on time though this morning to see the most precious person in my life before she left her flat, next contact is by Blackberry Messenger to let me know she has arrived at work alright, I worry because the roads are busy and there are lots of accidents. Celeste was telling me that an ambulance had a bump with a car, no injuries, not much damage, but the drivers stood there for a long time arguing, holding up the traffic while they did.

It all seems a very chaotic way of life, unlike this West Highland, quiet town, I will try and find a photo of tranquility to sooth us all this morning.Image, photography, 


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