Nice, but cold


The sky is cloudless at the moment, but the temp is 2C, I should be able to get some pics today, trouble is I am not sure where to go for different pics. I can’t travel too far, not much petrol in the car and no money at the moment to buy any, so I am thinking hard ( difficult for my old brain lol ) about a good location, somewhere will pop into my head. As well as the lack of petrol and money,Celeste has given me orders not to go to far on my own, poor love worries about me, it is wonderfull to be so loved and cared about, some people would feel stifled with that, but she knows my disabilities and wants to be here to take care of me, I love her even more for that.

I will go and dig out an old pic for now, hope you enjoy, be back later,take care.Image


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