Sad state of affairs


IMG_2579                                                                                                                        The photos of the flowers and the bushes I took yeserday were at a community garden which is tended by the mentally handicapped. This endeaavour is very good for their learning about how things grow, they grow veg as well as flowers, but the project is being blighted by kids, or drug and drink fuelled teens, smashing the greenhouse windows, luckily the police have agreed to put extra patrols round that area at night. Although the project will have insurance, they can’t survive constant damage, insurance costs gothrough the roof and that is the end of a worthwhile project, I wish them success for years to come.

Not muchelse doing today, the lovely sunshine yesterday afternoon has turned to dull, overcast skies, told you the weather here is so unpredictable lol. Celeste is busy at work, so I will just be pottering around today, hope you have a lovely day and thanks for dropping by.


7 thoughts on “Sad state of affairs

  1. Such a shame that there is such a lack of respect or understanding these days! Drink and Drugs are such a problem for so many young people and seem to bring out there worse side with avengeance.

  2. It is a sad day when such hard work and love is put into a project just to be destroyed by the thoughtless. Hope they can turn this into a lesson on how to keep up high hopes even in the face of adversity! Hope things get better.

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