Learning as I go along


Yesterday I published a blog called, “Just walking in the rain” it had photos with it, but some pics needed explaination, I didn’t supply any, give me twenty years and I might get this right. I will repost the pics here and tell you about them.

Today is the official weekend in Dubai, so Celeste will be off today, this is also her week for having two days off, therefor she will be off tomorrow also. I will be struggling to get time for my walk today and tmorrow, but judging by the noise of the rain on the window it is not very appealing for walking anyway. I have until September to build up a wee bit of strength in my legs, surely two days off won’t do any harm, especially as I need to keep the love of my life company, she is the main purpose of the visit to Cyprus anyway.

Back to yesterdays pics, they are off a now unused pair of curling ponds, the sport has enjoyed a resurgance in recent years, but I think it is the weather that killed curling off here. Volunteers have made the area look nice and set up memories of the days of curling that used to take place, it is situated just about 200 yards along the Glen Nevis Road.ImageImageImage


5 thoughts on “Learning as I go along

  1. Well how cool is that? The perspective in your photos is wonderful … and captures a feeling of memory and a past time.
    Curling was quite the hit of the Olympics this year!

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