Really old today.


Here it is, officially a pensioner today, the grand old age of 60, I wonder if I will start to go back down the years till I become a teen again lol. Just a normal Saturday today, apart from the flood of birthday greetings on facebook, which is lovely. I am going to visit my mate and then home to chat to the lovely Celeste. I have no b/day party, but Celeste is going to one, it is for a 4 year old daughter of a friend of hers in Dubai, held in KFC, they get everywhere lol. 

Don’t know what the weather is like today, though it is mild, 7c at this time of the morning, might get some photos when Celeste goes to her party. I will leave you now, thanks for popping in, as I am so old today I will leave you with another old crock.Image


17 thoughts on “Really old today.

  1. Victor Hugo once said that “forty is the old age of youth;fifty the youth of old age.” and yet another great man,Mark twain,i believe ,quoted that “age is an issue of mind over matter.if you don’t mind,it doesn’t matter.”
    happy birthday handsome! love you forever!

  2. Hope you had a nice birthday. Sixty is NOT old – it’s a landmark but it’s not “old”…..I can say that since I’m a bit beyond that point! The number is irrelevant, it’s how you feel and how you think that counts. Love the photo…….


  3. Happy birthday! 60 isn’t old, I remember sixty well enough and though I have certainly aged, I don’t consider myself old, not yet.

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