Birthday over, back to normal life


I would like to thank the people who sent me birthday greetings on here, I had a bit of a rollercoaster of a day. I started of as usual, chatting with Celeste in Dubai, then I went to my mates flat for the usual Sat morning visit, but it was unusual yesterday in the fact he had a cake with two candles in it, one a six, the other a zero, he likes rubbing it in that I am 60, but I will never catch up with him. 

I got home to my own flat to see that Celeste had posted that she wasn’t well, no message to me informing me how bad her illness was or anything, I messaged her, no answer, she must have been sleeping, a period of worry followed. After more than an hour passed I started phoning her, just one ring and hang up, far to expensive to have phone conversations over 4000 miles, it took 3 calls to get a call on Facebook, she looked really down and feverish, I was sorry that I wakened her, but I needed to know how she was. She forgot to message me earlier, but any couples out there, one simple message saves a lot of unneccessary worry, it only takes a few seconds.

As the day went on she picked up a bit and we had an important piece of culture from the Philippines, we had a meal together, well, as together as we could be 4000 miles apart, this is an important way of celebrating anything for her, she really brightened up.

I will go now, thanks for dropping by, I will chose a photo to finish off. Image


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