Battery charging


Looks wet outside just now, but the forecast is for it to clear up, so camera battery is on charge in anticipation. I have to go out today anyway, I have the dentist at 8am, then some shopping to do, after that I will, hopefully get some photos, don’t know where I will go yet though.

I wonder how Celeste is today, she has had the flu for the last few days, a couple of days rest would do her the world of good, but no sick pay in Dubai, she has to work through it. I hope she had a good nights sleep last night, that would help a bit.

I have noticed that WordPress doesn’t work properly on the statistics, I put two posts on yesterday and got two comments from the Philippines, but according to the statistics page, I had no views from the Philippines?????

I am going to look through some old photos to see what I will leave you with, thanks for dropping in.Image


8 thoughts on “Battery charging

      1. No worries, I got good rank, 1 million is Alexa rank. For one month, that’s more then good. WordPress can lie but search engines can’t. I will upgrade but I can’t spend so much space. I have blog on blogger over 3 years and still didn’t spent 1gb of space.

  1. It’s possible that they commented from the dashboard or after searching but didn’t actually click into your blog. That’s sometimes the discrepancy OR it’s slow to update. Sometimes I notice my stats are accurate a few hours or days later. Hope it starts to work for ya.

    Gorgeous GREEN photo. I wish I was on that train!

    1. I think they manipulate the figures to make money. I have the free blog, I was averaging over 300 views per day, now I am lucky to get 70 views, this is to get me to upgrade and pay for my blog to be popular lol 🙂

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