April showers

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First day of April and it is raining, the trouble with the west coast of Scotland is that April showers start on the 1st and end on the 30th. Some say we only have two showers a year, both last for six months each. The state of the weather makes a lot of difference to the way the day goes, I feel quite miserable and bored, I don’t want to go out anywhere, I would ruin the camera if it got soaked in the rain, oh misery lol.

Thank goodness for my pc and Facebook, WordPress, etc. What would I do without you all? My wonderful Celeste is very busy at work, not managing to send many messages and about three hours before she gets back to her flat, I had a sleep in the chair to pass some of the time, but that didn’t last very long. I keep looking at views and villages in Cyprus, dreaming of our holiday, but that just makes me think of two things, number one, it is still five months away, seems a long time. Number two, is five months enough to save up the money to pay for everything and have enough spending money, that has me worried now, must take my mind of the holiday for now. If anyone has any ideas how to make some money without any finnancial outlay, please let me know lol

Enough of my rambling, I will look for a nice photo to post with this.Image